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KoopCep – Mobile Banking

World Class Mobile Banking
KoopCep Mobile


A custom modern UI/UX design was implemented for KoopCep. The goal was to accomplish a world class design and experience for their customers.

The project started by designing the new user experience with the modern look. Customer behavior analysis was made in order to understand the requirements of the users. Custom components and extra features were added in order to improve increase the number of customers.
Date 01/04/2022
Client Koopbank


Our Solutions

Old-fashioned UI of the previous application.
Modern and good looking user interface which is minimalistic and easy to understand by wide age range.
Previous application was a web-view application which had a very low performance.
Native applications were developed for both IoS and Android platforms. The performance was improved to high standards.


Koopbank now has a high performing native mobile banking application which will improve their market share in North Cyprus.
Improved Performance
We use a newly developed technology to connect sites that are based on different types of servers and networks, SiteConnect, which helps to reduce the misinterpretation of signals as well as the loss of data during transfering.
Improved Security
To keep your systems, your devices, and network stay secure, we have developed a new program that limits the access of suspicious objects or people and authenticate all logins to the system.
Improved User Experience
Some hosts are unaware of the potential risks as well as security loopholes in their system. By detecting these errors and taking prompt actions on improving firewalls, we can upgrade the system security.
Improved Reputation
The internal network is essential for all companies and corporations, especially for those working in IT sector. To avoid possible risks when sharing internal confidential files and documentation to an external receiver, internal network must be strong.