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Frequently asked questions

How can we help your business?
Custom software development services from professionals you'll enjoy working with are exactly what we strive to deliver. Collaborate with top-tier product designers, frontend/backend developers, cloud architects, and DevOps professionals. Meticulous people that are both talented and dependable. 82+ successfully delivered projects. Services for full-cycle custom software development projects that are based on and supported by 12 years of best practices.
Why choose Nokosoft?
We take great care to ensure that the projects go smoothly. Nokosoft ensures that you receive the best service possible by utilizing cutting-edge technology.
Can you give us rough quotation?
Every project has its own set of specifications and costs. At Nokosoft, we provide a detailed quote that includes system schematics, functions, component breakdown, and a man-hour report detailing each and every aspect of the project estimation.
What will be the delivery date?
The project's timeline can roughly defined by analysing the man-hour report which details each task with a corresponding start/end date. After computation of the total development duration, an expected delivery date can be calculated, which is also very dependent on the quotation approval date and greatly varying technical agreements / dependencies.
What happens when extra features are needed?
After defining and finalising the project scope, any changes and/or requirements that can be delivered within the agreed maintenance package will be delivered in the shortest possible time, at no extra cost. Any alterations and/or requirements that require change of infrastructure and/or new module development are subject to new quotation.
How do you manage big projects?
Each project is subject to our regular requirements analysis, pricing, planning, development, testing, and maintenance procedures. Nokosoft assures that every project, no matter how big or small, is implemented and completed to the very same high quality standards. This is ensured by adopting and utilising industry-accepted standard procedures and technologies.